How to travel inter island Hawaii

How to travel inter island Hawaii by different transportation: Everything you should know

We’re breaking down all the ways how to travel inter island Hawaii that make up the Aloha State to assist you in organizing a flawless Hawaiian vacation.

This Pacific archipelago is an alluring place to go island hopping because some of the nearest major Hawaiian Islands—like Lanai and Maui—are only eight miles apart. Additionally, exploring several Hawaiian islands can be quick and simple, but you must be judicious. Furthermore, staying on each island long enough to fully take it all in before moving onto the next is necessary if you want to truly experience Hawaii.

You can use a boat, a ferry, or a helicopter flight to navigate Hawaii’s islands. There are choices, but more often than not, you’re boarding a plane to get to your next Hawaiian island destination. The following article talk about ways how to travel inter island Hawaii you should know when preparing a trip to Hawaii.

How to travel inter island Hawaii

The center is Oahu.

Hawaii’s inter-island travel is centered on Oahu. Both the majority of flights from the U.S. mainland as well as international flights entering Hawaii are likely to land here. Nearly all of the main surrounding islands have flights departing from Honolulu International (HNL). It’s still a pretty safe bet to reserve your major flights into and out of HNL if you’re unsure of which islands you might want to hop to on your Hawaiian holiday. Having saying that, don’t settle down and limit your time in Hawaii to Waikiki; the more you explore, the better it gets.

The nonstop flight should only take 30 to 45 minutes to travel from HNL to the other major Hawaiian island. You can trust that the other details can be worked out later if you can get your primary flights into or out of Honolulu.

How to travel inter island Hawaii by plane or ferry

Flying inter island Hawaii

To exploit how to travel inter island Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines has historically been the main carrier for inter-island travel, and it continues to be a popular option with numerous daily flights between the islands. For those looking for the greatest rate to fly to the Big Island, Maui, or Kauai, Southwest Airlines is now a very strong competitor in Hawaii, which is fantastic.

Southwest has flights from HNL to Hilo (ITO), Kauai (LIH), Maui (OGG), and Kona (KOA) (KOA). However, keep in mind that you will pass through Honolulu on those flights, so if you wanted to travel nonstop from Kona to Kauai, Hawaiian Airlines is definitely your best option.

Additionally, Mokulele Airlines offers 120 daily flights to a number of distinctive Hawaiian locations, including Lanai and Hana.

Another choice is Makani Kai Air, a charter firm that operates a small fleet of little airplanes and transports people across the islands to locations like Princeville on Kauai, Molokai, or the Kalaupapa Peninsula, a national historic park that needs a permit to enter.

For travelers traveling directly from Honolulu to the little island of Lanai to stay at the Four Seasons or a similar hotel, Lanai Air is a turboprop option.

Travel to Lanai by ferry

Would you rather spend some time at sea than return to the airport? The Expeditions Lanai Passenger Ferry offers ferry service between Lanai and Maui. There are only five departures and returns each day, so you must carefully schedule day trips. The hour-long trip will cost you roughly $30 one way (kids $20).

Flying to Molokai

Flying to Molokai Sea

There is no direct route to the island of Molokai from the American mainland. You’ll need to take a connecting flight from HNL, OGG, or JHM to get to this island. From these three airports, you can reserve flights on Hawaiian Airlines, Makani Kai Air, or Mokulele Airlines that take off for Molokai in about 25 minutes.

Plan a voyage between the islands.

Consider taking a cruise if you truly want to make the most of your trip to Hawaii and have the time and money to do so. There are many different itineraries available from cruise companies like Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line that take you to the four main islands; some even include overnight stays. With the exception of boarding and disembarking the cruise, you won’t have to worry about getting around when seeing Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. Additionally, you may travel to French Polynesia while on a cruise with Norwegian, which sounds wonderful to us.

Disney’s cruises through Hawaii are in fact 10-night voyages that begin or end in Vancouver and make calls at a number of Hawaiian Islands.

Travel to remote areas by helicopter

Travel to remote areas by helicopter 

There is only one method to travel into a truly remote Hawaiian region, and that is by helicopter. Blue Hawaiian is a charter company that will transport tourists and hikers to remote trailheads and less-traveled places.

A helicopter tour is the only way to reach Niihau’s pristine “Forbidden Island,” unless the owners personally invite you. This 70-square-mile island, which is sparsely populated, can occasionally be seen from Kauai’s Waimea Canyon. Niihau half-day excursions begin at $465 per person.

Sadly, helicopter trips don’t let you pack your suitcase and just get dropped off to start a new island life; instead, you’ll need to travel back to the original island with the pilot.


There are several exceptions to the general rule, but commercial aircraft are perhaps the most common method how to travel inter island Hawaii. If cash costs are low enough, a trip between islands in Hawaii might not require the usage of airline miles. To be sure you are getting a fair value for your points, we always advise doing the math. However, when airfares exceed $100 or you are flying Southwest (fixed-value points), using miles becomes a bargain to take into account.

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