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Masstel Tab W101 review – Cheap, running Windows 10

The W101 Tab has no strengths in design, product quality or hardware configuration. Masstel’s tablet model is still the right choice for the majority of users, especially for the learning needs of students. Let’s find out the detail in the Masstel Tab W101 review with Lifetravell!

The display screen

As mentioned above, the Tab W101 is equipped with a 10.1 inch touch screen, WUXGA standard resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels) that delivers smoother and sharper image quality. Observed with the naked eye, you can hardly notice the jagged edges of the text and images, wide viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal direction, less color variation.

Masstel Tab W101 review - Design
Masstel Tab W101 review – Design

In the office environment, images are displayed quite well with moderate brightness, do not cause eye strain when surfing the web, reading stories for a long time. However, the gradation, light level, as well as the ability to distinguish gray and white shades are not very accurate.

Touch screen sensitivity test with two “classic” games are Angry Birds 2 and Plants vs. Zombies 2, the smooth feeling due to the low friction helps to manipulate directly on the touch screen gently and accurately, the game operation is more flexible than the accompanying touchpad.

Keyboard, touchpad

Masstel Tab W101 review - Keyboard
Masstel Tab W101 review – Keyboard

Masstel Tab W101 also comes with a physical keyboard cum protective cover, which can be customized for use as a traditional laptop or detachable from the screen when needed. Although it makes good use of the compact space, unfortunately the keyboard quality is only average, the key size is quite small and fits snugly together, the feeling is cramped when using so it is difficult to type quickly the text but still correct. description.

In addition, the keyboard also has some shortcomings in the layout of keys compared to the standard keyboard, which makes you have to change your usage habits. Specifically, the Fn function key is located in the position of the Ctrl key, so it is quite inconvenient to use a keyboard shortcut (or a combination of keyboard shortcuts) to combine with it.

Similar to the quite narrow touchpad, the rough surface creates a high friction, making it uncomfortable to drag the mouse. The two function keys left and right with the mouse are designed separately, the keys are a bit stiff, requiring enough pressure.

Masstel Tab W101 tablet screen and speakers

Masstel Tab W101 owns 10.1 inch screen with Full HD resolution, 16:10 ratio with pixel density of 226 PPI. The image displayed on the device is quite good, the colors are quite standard, the contrast is good, the color temperature is close to the balance, but the viewing angle is a bit narrow, the screen is glossy and especially the maximum brightness is not high, so the use of Outdoor tablet use is relatively difficult.
This tablet has two external speakers located on the right edge (when placed horizontally in laptop mode) with a fairly large volume, enough to cover a room of about 20 square meters and normally when used indoors just drag about 50 -60% volume is enough. However, the side layout of the speaker must be easily covered by the hand, affecting the volume when holding the camera horizontally.

Battery life

Masstel Tab W101 review - Battery life
Masstel Tab W101 review – Battery life

On the battery life of the Tab W101 recorded through the PCMark 8 Home tool, High Performance configuration and screen brightness reduced to 40% (equivalent to battery mode), showing the continuous use of the machine. reach about 7 hours 15 minutes on a single battery charge. This is also consistent with the Atom Bay Trail platform’s biggest goal is how to use energy more efficiently, not increase the computing power of the chip.

Software and performance

In terms of software, Masstel Tab W101 comes pre-installed with Windows 10 operating system and basic office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This combined with the included keyboard can turn the machine into a compact and handy laptop for mobile work.
Masstel Tab W101’s keyboard is designed with alphanumeric keys with standard sizes, so it’s pretty easy to type. The armrest is just right in size, enough to comfortably rest the hand even though the key is a bit short. Good typing feel with long enough key travel. The trackpad is also quite wide and responsive, with support for multiple points. For office work while on the go, this keyboard is enough to respond quite well.

In terms of performance, Masstel Tab W101 is equipped with Intel Bay-Trail CR Z3735F 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB memory with memory card slot. This configuration of the machine is similar to the Lenovo Miix 3, enough to meet quite well basic tasks such as text editing, web browsing, watching movies, playing light games and switching between applications. use. The machine has a fairly fast boot speed, only takes about 30 seconds. However, Masstel Tab W101 started running slowly when the browser opened about 4-5 tabs. This is also not a device for playing games or handling graphics because the configuration of the machine is not enough to meet these tasks.